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I just want you to know
My whole body.
You are not only a great teacher but a HEALER. Thank you !!!
– Martha O

Dear Kate,
Thank you so very much for your kind wishes for us and our move.

I would be remiss if I also did not praise Dee Weisfeld to you. Her MELT method class has been extremely beneficial for me in relieving stress and pain management. I have been attending quite regularly especially on Thursday evenings. She is really knowledgeable and does amazing work that could benefit many people ranging from athletes in peak condition to those coping with severe illnesses. I wish more was done to promote her class such as having having demos classes in which she could demonstrate the utility of MELT method in recovery and pain management.  Thank you so much again.

– Sandra

I have been attending Melt classes since January 2015 in addition with a change to a healthy lifestyle. Before making these much needed changes I had a lot of health issues. These include a history of years with headaches and migraines for which I was used to taking a minimum of 4 advils a day. It was not uncommon for me to have the family size advil bottle in my room, car and on my person. I also constantly had body aches as well as problems sleeping. I was not used to sleeping for more than 3 hours at a time. i am truly pleased to say that currently I no longer take advil at all, my body aches are strictly when I overdo it at the gym and I have the ability to sleep for 6 hours uninterrupted. Our health is our biggest investment and I am grateful to have made this very important decision
– Grant

Dee- you are helping Rich and I so much. Thank you!!!
– Rosanne

We had a fantastic time at JHLC. Dee taught half the class and was awesome. She did the Intros, 13/20, stances, core, punches, blocks, hands and even started the class without music as my phone was acting up!
She did 4 to 5 songs. She had more prepared but our Elders got tired so she didn’t have an opportunity to do Que Sera and Time of My life. Maybe she can teach more of the class next week?
I shared with her the importance of going Round to each person and connect and we did this in class as we went around and danced with them several times. They LOVED the class and loved her!
Thanks so much for your beautiful presence today Dee. You are a wonderful gift to the the Nia Wise Moves Program!
– Nancy

F.Y.I. For several weeks, I experienced a stubborn pain in my lower back and left hip joint. Acupuncture and chiropractic adjustments helped; but, some of the pain lingered. Finally, I participated in Alida’s MELT class on Dec. 11. By the end of the class, the pain was totally GONE!
MELT is amazing! Thank you very much for including it in your class offerings. 🙂
–Carmen V

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